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The Child Obesity ‘The Ticking Timebomb’

Tomorrow’s Children

Over 60-years ago. The only social issues facing children back then were poverty and cigarette smoking. Everyone smoked, and like all children, they just wanted to emulate their parents. They just wanted to feel grown-up and look cool. Fast forward to today’s children and a completely different story is emerging. Cigarette smoking is no longer socially acceptable and is uncool. But other modern dangers are now evolving.

Fast/Junk Food and E-numbers

Fast/Junk food, sugary, salt fuelled snacks and drinks, are causing so much damage to our children. This has a severe impact on both a growing child’s mind and their physical development. The human liver takes on average 21-years to fully develop. Some junk foods can harm a growing liver. Too much sugar, salt and fat in a diet can do irreparable damage to a young child’s physical wellbeing. A poor diet can also lead to mental health issues later on in their development. That burger, chips and coke drink are full of “E-numbers, so-called food   additives   and
preservatives.   These   can   cause   hyperactivity   in   children.   Which   in   turn   can   bring about tantrum fits, depression, and behavioural problems later on in life. So, that, “Happy Meal” isn’t so happy after all.
The   Liver   converts   and   stores   fat   and   sugars   for   future   use.   This   then   brings   about   obesity   and   the   chances   of   contracting   Fatty   Liver   Disease.   Other
health   issues   then   start   to   emerge   as   certain   activities   become   harder   to   carryout.   Mental   health   issues   can   also   begin   to   appear,   as   an   obese   child   is
often   picked   upon   and   bullied.   They   can   then   lose   confidence   in   themselves   and   become   isolated   and   alone.   They’ll   start   to   hate   their   image   and   feel
unwanted and unloved. Depression, and sadly even suicide are becoming more common.

Child Liver Disease Warning Issues 2011

As many as half a million children in England could be at risk of developing life-threatening liver disease because they are overweight, according to a health adviser. Professor Martin Lombard, England's National Clinical Director for Liver Disease, says a culture of over-eating and little exercise means up to 500,000 four to 11-year-olds could have too much fat in their livers. Sophie Hutchinson reports.

Screen Addiction

Another   worrying   aspect   of   child   development   is   a   new   mental   condition   that   is   raising   its   ugly   head   and   that   is   now   called,   “Screen   Addiction”.   This   is
having   certain   social   (or   rather   anti-social)   implications.   A   child   who   spends   too   much   time   on   a   computer   or   mobile   phone   screen   can   become   socially
withdrawn and lack the ability to interact with others. Once again, the lack of fresh air and exercise brings about the chances of obesity.
I   normally   try   to   steer   away   from   American   videos   because   of   the   spelling   and   often   misleading   information.   However,   this   video   does   send   out   the
right message.

So, is Internet Addiction a Good Thing?